The Success Desk is headed by Career Coach and Business Consultant, award winning featured successful Entrepreneur on Great Day Houston, FoxNews, Black Enterprise magazine, Ramona Harper.  The Success Desk team provides strategic marketing, business, sales and financial strategies for new startups and established businesses.

  • Let’s increase revenue in your career or your business.
  • Let us provide solutions for long term success utilizing innovative traditional marketing techniques
  • Creative Ads and Content for Social Media Success
  • Create strong operational processes
  • Provide top notch Business Plans and Cash Flow Worksheets
  • Devise a Financial Feasibility Plan
  • Life Coaching techniques integrated to forge life long Success habits

Ultimately this is not just about Making More Money. YOU will be shown how to Mind Master to Manifest and Keep the Success and continued happiness in life you are meant to have utilizing proven strategies.

Headquartered in Houston, clients are coached via phone, skype and webinars as well as in person, and travel to national and international executive and business clients can be arranged.


Created especially to grow Your RETAIL or other Brick and Mortar Business Today!

 You cannot survive without a personal creative Marketing Strategy just for You! No cookie cutter ideas these will be generated specifically for Your Brand!


What People are Saying

Ramona Harper’s career highlights include growing a business from $2 million to $20 million in 12 months  David Beckford who is mentioned below participated in that growth

David Beckford- College President ” I owe my career path to the coaching and training  I received from Ramona Harper.  She was very instrumental in the growth and development of my leadership style.  Ramona you were correct about the many career opportunities that would be available to me.  You have been a great life and career coach to me. Thank you!!!”– David Beckford , College President CHCP -Dallas Texas

Mark Griesbaum-IT Strategist, Managing Director Continental Bank says

Mark Griesbaum “Ramona is a true professional and highly talented individual”


Shannon Lark Actress Film maker
Shannon Lark Actress Film maker

“As an actress working in the industry with a multi-faceted career, Ramona has assisted me in focusing in on exactly what I want and how to go about it. She has pushed me into places that has helped me grow as a storyteller, as well as provide the exact image and strategy in order to manifest what I desire in my career and life. The more I give, the more she raises the bar with a big smile. Her background in representing actors has carried over beautifully into our relationship, and I have deeply benefited – growing more as a performer than I have in years.” – Shannon Lark-Actor Writer over 40 films

“You have inspired so many to  SHINE and I am proud to say I am one of them.
Master Theta Healer
Master Theta Healer

 I owe so much of my success to the mentoring and love you have shared with me. ” -Pam Flynn Lord, Master Theta Healer – St Petersburg Fl

Sr VP Career Education Corp -retired
Sr VP Career Education Corp -retired

“Ramona’s strong people skills coupled with her strong technical and analytical skills are the right combination for any business. She can assess a situation quickly and is then able to implement operational and innovative marketing solutions quickly and effectively to increase production, build a team and drive revenue. . . She is professional with a strong work ethic and proven track record.” -Chelena Sotraidis -Sedona Az


Are you having difficulty achieving financial success?

Do you get close to achieving what you want only to be set back?

Are you wondering how to move up in your company?

Do you need to get more productivity out of your staff?

Do you know what your true passion is?

Should you become an Entrepreneur? Singer? Actress? Author?


How can we help you?  It’s Simple! If you want a successful brand or help figuring out How and Where to start Click Here

image“I was raised in an extraordinary town, Montclair, NJ just outside NYC, and  have led an extraordinary life filled with learning  experiences from over 50 celebrities and people like Yogi Berra and the famously wealthy DuPonts to well known entertainer Bill Cosby. I’ve launched careers and discovered individuals lincluding Extra’s AJ Calloway and been in business meetings with legendary music mogul Clive Davis.  Utilizing my ability to attract what I want, plus my creative and analytic skills for 30 plus years has resulted in successfully training  and motivating thousands into managers and turning multi million dollar entities around to achieve record breaking profits. Committed to community service from the age of nine volunteering for The Red Cross, I’ve  sat on various non profit boards and been a dedicated fundraiser .  I have chosen to work tirelessly since age 11, traveled extensively, lived around the country and throughout it all two things have been constant; a love for and instinctive desire to help others and my ability to create successful outcomes.

Today I am proud to have put together team of amazing and talented individuals who love what they do and are committed to bringing excellence to our clients and support to our community–Ramona Harper

Coaching and Consulting  benefits everyone  not just CEOs, Actors or Athletes. I use a combined intuitive and analytical approach and my success is based on your successs.  I would love to speak with you, get a feel for what you want to achieve in your life, help you understand how coaching works, and answer questions that will help us decide if we have a great fit for you.



We have been hard at work the past year perfecting a Workshop that Delivers by helping you Decide WHETHER OR NOT TO INVEST TO TAKE YOUR IDEA TO THE NEXT STEP to help You make more money.

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